Barrie Native Friendship Centre

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Akwe:go Program

Malorie Gerrard, Program Worker

Barrie Native Friendship Centre

175 Bayfield Street

Barrie, ON  L4M 3B4

(T) 705-721-7689 ext 213

(F) 705-721-7418


This program has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive programming to urban aboriginal children between the ages of 7-12. The goal of the program is to provide urban aboriginal children with the support, tools and healthy activities which will build upon and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices. The principle of this program is: "to improve the quality of life of urban aboriginal children through the delivery of culturally appropriate programs and services."




Health & Physical Development

Social Supports

Institutional Interventions & Children in Care

FASD & Disabilities




Social Supports:

  • After school component
  • Peer support circles and peer counseling opportuniites
  • Access to recreational and sporting activities
  • Identifying services, referrals required by program participants


Institutional Interventions:

  • Provisions of suspension with school suspension
  • Early Intervention
  • Access to educational support
  • Facilitate positive behaviour change


Children in Care:

  • Outreach to children in care
  • Advocate and support for culturally appropriate services
  • Implement protocol agreements


Health and Physical Development:

  • Provide nutritious mean and snacks
  • Workshops on healthy eating habits
  • Parent support healthy eating and nutritional education
  • Safe and healthy recreational play


FASD and Disabilities:

  • Preventive education and parent support
  • Tutoring and mentoring for children
  • Access and Increased opportunities




  • A client is a person who will receive service from the Wasa-Nabin program, and for whom case records, case management or service/case notes are maintained. Clients are youth who have been assessed as “ at risk” meaning that fit the criteria to get services based on the six components of the Wasa-Nabin program. Being a client does not mean anything bad or negative. It simply means you might need extra assistance or support in certain areas such as addressing violence, judicial  system, healthy eating and physical development, social supports, homework help, or just simply need someone to talk to.
  • A participant are children who attend programming such as recreational activities and are involved in programs of the centre for recreational or cultural purposes. Participants do not need the supports and services of a client because they do not necessarily fit under the six program components. There are no case records, case management  or case notes for participants.

Akwe:go means "everybody" or "all of us" in Mohawk

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