Barrie Native Friendship Centre

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Aboriginal Family Support Program

Valerie Wood, Program Coordinator

Barrie Native Friendship Centre

175 Bayfield Street

Barrie, ON  L4M 3B4

(T) 705-721-7689 ext 210

(F) 705-721-7418

Email: [email protected]


To have all parents with children 0-6 years old participate in programs provided by the family support program.

To have children in the Barrie area interact and grow in a healthy environment.

To develop, promote and implement culturally based programs that are for parents with children 0-6 years.

We follow the core standards components. They are:

  • Cultural Development
  • Retention Child Development & Nutrition
  • Parenting
  • Caretaking Skills
  • Community Development

They are intended to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of individuals, families and communities. These standards have been developed using a medicine wheel approach.


We are here to meet the needs of families in the community through culturally based programs designed to bring parents and their children together.

We provide programs where parents can:

  • Share experiences
  • Share ideas
  • Give support
  • Have Fun

It is a chance for children to develop healthy social skills and enhance their motor and cognitive development. A place to meet other children and interact socially through fun educational activities. Also, a place for parents to come and share their concerns of every day life, where they can interact and learn from one another in a positive way.


Þ Parent Relief

Þ Child Development

Þ Creative Play Groups

Þ Parent Support Groups

Þ Nutrition/Cooking/Life Skills

Þ Healthy Sexuality

Þ Advocacy

Þ Referrals

Þ Individual Support

Þ Pre/Post Natal Support

Þ Breastfeeding Support

Þ Material Lending

Þ Emergency Baby/Toddler Supplies

Þ CAS Support



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